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Dr. Alex Pharmacist

Dr. Alex PharmD

With degrees from both St.John’s University and Temple University, Dr. Alex has been practicing pharmacy for over 25 years. 

Both he and his wife are doctors of pharmacy and have owned PROhealth Pharmacy since 1999. Dr. Alex decided early on in his pharmaceutical career that he would create a place where he could forge a relationship with his patients based on trust, accountability, and respect. “I’m not interested in becoming a robot that fills prescriptions, this isn’t a drugstore chain. We know each customer who walks through our doors and we care about their health and quality of life. We’re here to counsel and assist, while being a constant source of assurance during times of trouble,” Dr. Alex said when asked how PROhealth differs from other pharmacies.

Dr. Alex is a certified vaccinator and a trained COVID-19 tester. He specializes in using the latest and most accurate FDA cleared tests available to conduct on-site viral testing at PROhealth.

PROhealth pharmacy, located in NYC in the heart of Gramercy Park, is Dr. Alex’s second home and he considers his patrons his extended family.


Dr. Tali PharmD

Dr. Tali has dedicated herself to the pharmacy profession for almost 20 years.

Both she and her husband have owned PROhealth since 1999 and together they have vowed to be the kind of drugstore that puts its customers first.

Currently Dr. Tali manages PROhealth’s COVID concierge department—offering on-location testing for their corporate, hospitality, and entertainment clientele.


Dr. Michelle PharmD

Dr. Michelle has joined the PROhealth family in 2015. As a mother to two little girls, Dr. Michelle has a natural approach with children and specializes in pediatric testing.

If she’s not in the pharmacy or on the field as a COVID compliance officer, Dr. Michelle could be found next door at Boyar NYC Gifts —a boutique she co-founded with her sister.

Staying up-to-date on the latest drug therapies, Dr Michelle is always available to help her patients live healthier lives.